Attention Veeple!

This coming Monday, August 25th, the Primetime Emmy Awards will be taking place, where Veep is nominated in a number of categories, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

This is a cast that has gone out of their way to do everything from leaving personalized outgoing messages for our voicemails, to talking us through anxiety attacks on twitter. To show our appreciation and our support for this kickass group, it would be wonderful if, on Monday (starting at 5 PM EST) we could tweet the cast using the hashtags #ibelievethatveepwillsweep and #victoryshoeforveep (the latter of which is based on the infamousvictory shoe" incident).

Veeple People Motherfuckers!

"3 words, 8 letters, say it and I’m yours."

Bill Hader breaking character
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